Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make Huge Money Solving Blackberry Phone Power Problem!

Nigeria has a power problem, so is the mobile phone. It needs charging every time as the battery runs down. The challenge of charging mobile phone has become a national issue that we experience everyday, at home, at school and even in the work place. Some people carry charging device or extra battery as they leave their homes, in case the phone battery loses its power and there is no electricity to recharge in sight. The problem is even more challenging for blackberry and smartphone users. The burden of owning a blackberry now is the burden of constantly recharging the battery. In fact, by the middle of the day, when you call anyone who uses a blackberry it's usually switched off. But the case is actual that they are at that time out of power. And that has not stopped people from rushing to acquire the most desired phone in Nigeria - blackberry. And the power problem has escalated to almost affecting every Nigerian today, as more people now use blackberry than we can tell of any other brand, save for Nokia.

A business guru once told me, peoples problems are is your opportunity to make money. As I think about this problem and how much one can make from it, I ran out of figures. So many things went through my mind, I could buy a dream Lekki, or somewhere in Abuja and join the big boys. Another thought was, I could buy myself  a Range Rover geep, the type I see guys harassing road users with. None of the figures as to how much they cost shakes my heart because I could see the huge problem with blackberry users and I know the huge number of users across the country. I was thinking, I would charge each user a little amount with just N500 as my profit and I will become a billionaire. The thought has gone deep and as I dream It started yielding positive results. Imagine you had this kind of thoughts, by now you are asking the same questions I asked myself. What is the solution?

 Ah! This is one opportunity you would wish you were the only one that read this paper. Well, you can be if you can rush back to the vendor and buy up all the copies available today. Well, that still wouldn't solve your problem, because you would need to get to very vendor in Nigeria to buy all their copies. But I don't see you being able to achieve that, so my advice to you is, take seps now and get into this opportunity before others take up all the available slots. By now, I can feel you tapping your leg on the floor, wishing to speed read to where I may have said what the blackberry power solution is. Take it easy. My job will not done if you just read this and never take advantage of this opportunity as quickly as you can. Because many have read such opportunity on the past and never see the potential because they weren't well explained. So  I will Ke you by the hand like I always do and show you this huge money making secret that is available in Nigeria for only a few people who are smart to take hold of it now. I can assure you that in one week it may have been taken up, all of it. 

Let me help you get in the mode for this business. First I want to assure you that it's not expensive to start. If Nigeria is a place where trust is in abundance you probable would be able to start this business without putting done a dime. But you will have to put down some money to get started. The minimum amount you need to get started is about N21,000. Yes, that amount, as little as it may seem gets you into this opportunity and position to earn money from blackberry and smart one users around you. I will explain how you can get started and the different options to get started and my personal advice to you on this business. 

Also, you may be asking yourself now, can I really do this? Why should I even believe this Chinedu David? Or I have tried stuffs like this in SDE before, how is this one different? Or even things like, will I be able to get a refund if this does not work? For this business, I give you 100% guarantee. It's something you can do. Have you ever used a postage stamp before? The installation process is like sticking a postage stamp to an envelop. Now answer me, do you think you can do that? Well, you dont even have to worry about sticking this foil on blackberry batteries, the users can stick it themselves, so you just wined up with collecting money and exchanging this foil for a business. Ok, fine, I know you can that's why I will answer the next question. I have been in the mobile industry ever before GSM came to Nigeria in 2001. I have been involved in this market for a long time now. So I know what works and what doesn't. This one works. I have tested this product since 2007 and ever since been looking forward to seeing them come to Nigeria and now they did. So I'm not only privileged and proud to be the one to introduce you to them.

If you think you have tried anything, just know that it's not this one. This product is a Japanese technology made from ceramics - a nano technology. Nano technology is a kind of technology that has inherent power and works by reacting to other elements or molecular substances. Dont mind my physics knowledge. All that doesn't really matter but the millions that this product can make. So, in essence I'm just saying this stuff works like miracle, and it doesn't even need servicing or repairs and it works for life - no expiring date. Now, I'm sounding like its too good to be true. Really, Akkufresh is too good to be true. When you have a product that is just like a postage stamp, gives your mobile device up to 200% battery life, with a life time guarantee, then you are talking about a product that is too good to be true. 200% battery life is putting 2 full charge batteries into one phone. That is what Akkufresh tune up foil is, two full batteries on one phone. That is more power than you really need.

Now that I have exposed the product you can go ahead and search the Internet and learn all there is to learn about Akkufresh but let me guide  you to places you can go first, and You will get more details about how this product works and all you may need to know before you get started. But do that quickly and get involved in this business before others take p all the partnership spots available. and let me also tell you this, Akkufresh is looking for partners who would help distribute this product across Nigeria as partners. You will get exclusive relationship with Akkufresh and enjoy free marketing. Really selling Akkufresh is the most easiest job to do because the company does all the marketing and send customers to you. So your job is just to give customers the products and collect money. That is so easy, right? There is huge demand for Akkufresh now due to current publicity going on around the country. This will give you the opportunity to tap into that huge potential and make quick money - as you are not even required to run your own publicity if you dont want to. Akkufresh does the publicity and send people to your shop to buy Akkufresh and you make Money.

Akkufresh has a standard retail price which must be respected if you want to become a partner. The standard retail price for Nigeria is N2,500. There are three opportunities available for you take partner with Akkufresh and join the distribution network in Nigeria. The first one is RETAIL PARTNER. For just N21,000 you join Akkufresh Nigeria retail partnership. You will get 10 Akkufresh foil and marketing materials at N2,100 per foil. And Akkufresh will be sending customers to your locations. You will become Akkufresh partner in your area. The next one is DISTRIBUTION PARTNER. There are two types of distribution partners. The agents and exclusive distributors. Akkufresh Nigeria allows certain number of agents per state. An agent is above a real partner. To become an agent the startup is N92,500. Agents get their products at N1,850 per foil and minimum purchase is a pack which contains 50 Akkufresh foils. While the next one is exclusive distributors. Only one exclusive distributor is allowed per state. Lagos is mine already, so you can take yours if you want this offer. Only one exclusive distributor is allowed per state. Start up for this is minimum of N1 million. And exclusive distributors get Akkufresh at N1,550 per foil, while minimum purchase is from one Akkufresh carton, and a carton contains 600 pieces of Akkufresh foils. You can get all the details about being a partner from this book "Akkufresh Nigeria Distribution Handbook" from this link or send email to to get the details to your inbox.

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